Breaking Diabetes News: New Drug Reduces CV Death

EMPA-REG OUTCOME is a new cardiovascular-safety trial for a Type 2 Diabetes medication which is on the market under the name Jardiance (empagliflozin).

Approximately half of all deaths in people with Type 2 Diabetes are caused by heart disease.  So focusing on heart health and Diabetes is at the center of Research and the results of this class of drug (SGLT-2 inhibitor) reveal very exciting news. Previously many trials with this medication have shown cardiovascular safety, but for the first time a Study has shown that this medication actually cuts cardiovascular deaths.

This particular Study focused on high risk cardiovascular patients with Type 2 Diabetes.  It was seen that not only CV deaths were reduced, but over all deaths were lower in the group being treated with empagliflozin than those who were on a placebo (an inactive substance used to measure the control group).

There are theories as to why this occurs, but the mechanism remains unknown.  It could possibly be that the medication is treating mild heart failure, or preventing it from developing which could be preventing these high cardiac risk patients from suddenly dying, according to Dr. Inzucchi, the senior author on the trial. More research will need to be conducted.

Dr Pfeffer is an expert in heart failure.  He was lead author on the ELIXA trial and he said he never tries to determine mechanisms from studies such as EMPA-REG but stressed that empagliflozin “is clearly showing benefit.”

The full article on this Study is certainly worth the read.  This is an exciting time for Diabetes Research! Visit Medscape Here to Read the Full Article.


If you would like to participate in Clinical Research visit  We have done many Studies with empagliflozin in the past and could potentially be conducting more for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes!

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