World COPD Day

Twitter is a buzz with #WorldCOPDDay and several medical and pharmaceutical companies are finding innovative ways to bring awareness to this crippling disease. One of my personal favorites is the  “Make Twitter #COUGH” campaign, put on by Boehringer Ingelheim.

Today, on World COPD Day 2015, Boehringer Ingelheim is making Twitter #COUGH to raise awareness of this chronic lung disease.

As the world #COUGHs to raise awareness of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), the hashtag will produce a noisy spike in tweets, simulating the sound wave of a COPD sufferer’s chronic cough – a key symptom of the disease.

“Boehringer Ingelheim is calling on Twitter users to help raise awareness of COPD.” said Professor Klaus Dugi, Medical Director and Managing Director UK & Ireland, Boehringer Ingelheim “We want to highlight the importance of supporting people living with this life-changing condition while also addressing and tackling the problem of late diagnosis and misdiagnosis, which can impact life expectancy and dramatically affect the quality of life of people affected by COPD.”

Here at Sestron Clinical Research, we are participating in the global initiative to help bring new COPD medications to market.

COPD is the third leading cause of death in the United States. More than 11 million people have been diagnosed with COPD, but an estimated 24 million may have the disease without even knowing it. COPD causes serious long-term disability and early death. At this time there is no cure, and the number of people dying from COPD is growing.

Help us bring awareness about this smoking related illness and help America breathe better. Tweet #WorldCOPDDay November 18th, 2015.

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